Here"s how khổng lồ turn off automatic updates in Windows 10, temporarily or permanently

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Why would you want lớn know how lớn turn off automatic updates in Windows 10? Surely these updates are essential for keeping your system secure và stable & introducing the lachạy thử Windows features & improvements?

That"s true, but automatic updates can be more of a hindrance than a help. They can interrupt you while you"re working, prompting you to lớn restart so they can be installed.

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Updates can also contain bugs that cause problems on your PC rather than fixing them. Microsoft is often forced to lớn rush out patches for its Windows feature updates when users report serious issues with them. But automatic updates mean you don"t get much choice about whether to lớn install those patches or not.

Fortunately, it"s possible khổng lồ turn off automatic updates in Windows 10, both by pausing them temporarily for up lớn 35 days, or — if you"re feeling more reckless —by disabling them altogether so you can install them manually when you"re ready.

In our guide below, we"ll walk you through both options, as well as revealing how you can use a không tính phí program to turn off automatic updates at the click of a button.

How khổng lồ turn off automatic updates: Pause updates

Permanently disabling automatic updates in Windows 10 may cause security and stability problems, so you may prefer khổng lồ “pause” them to install at a more convenient time.

Here’s how lớn vì it.For all these steps, make sure you"re logged in as a user with administrative privileges.

1. mở cửa the Settings app in Windows 10 by clicking the Start button and selecting the gear ibé. When the Settings window opens, clichồng Update và security.

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2. Select Windows Update in the left-h& thực đơn. To turn off automatic updates for one week, clichồng the Pause updates for 7 days option.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

3. Windows 10 will tell you the date that updates will start again. To turn them baông xã on manually before then, cliông chồng Resume updates.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

4. If you think that seven days is too short a period lớn pause automatic updates, click Advanced options instead.

Scroll down to Pause updates & select a date from the Pause until drop-down thực đơn. This date can be up lớn 35 days inkhổng lồ the future.

Once you reach that date, you’ll need to lớn install the lakiểm tra Windows updates before you can pause them again.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

How khổng lồ turn off automatic updates: Disable updatesfor good

If you’re willing khổng lồ risk leaving your PC potentially unsafe for a longer period, you can turn off automatic updates in Windows 10 permanently, or at least until you’re ready lớn install them manually. Here’s how lớn bởi vì so.

1. Press the Windows key & R to open the Run box. Type “services.msc” and cliông xã OK, or press Enter.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

2. When the Services window opens, scroll down lớn the Windows Update entry. Right-click this and choose Properties.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

3. Select Disabled from the Startup type drop-down menu, then cliông chồng Stop in the Service status section below. Click OK or Apply lớn disable automatic Windows updates.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

4. If permanently disabling updates seems too extreme, select Manual from the Startup type menu instead.

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This will allow you khổng lồ check for và install updates manually. Just go to Settings > Update & security > Windows Update và cliông xã Cheông xã for updates.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

How to turn off automatic updates: Use Windows Update Blocker

You can avoid having to lớn tweak Windows settings every time you want lớn turn automatic updates on or off by installing a không tính tiền program called Windows Update Blocker. Here"s how to use it.

1. Download Windows Update Blocker.

2. Right-cliông xã the downloaded file and scan the file with your antivirut software.

3. Extract and run the program. It doesn"t require installation.

4. When the program opens, simply cliông xã Disable Updates & choose Apply Now.

This will instantly turn off automatic updates in Windows 10, and the Service Status shield will change from a green tick to a red cross.

(Image credit: Tom"s Guide)

5. To turn automatic updates baông xã on, just select Enable Updates và cliông chồng "Apply Now."

To check that Windows Update Blocker is doing its job, clichồng Menu & choose Update Options to open the Windows Update settings screen. Here you can verify that automatic Windows updates are enabled or disabled, as you wish.

(Image credit: Tom"s Guide)

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