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What is the meeting password?

Error: "Incorrect meeting password"

Error: "The meeting password is incorrect. Please try again or tương tác the meeting host for assistance"

Error: "The sự kiện password that you typed is incorrect. Please type the password again"

Error: "The session password that you typed is incorrect. Please try again or contact your session host for assistance"


Important Note: If you vì chưng not have the password for your meeting, or have not received an e-mail invitation, tương tác the host of your meeting for

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See: WBX71898 - How vị I contact the Host of My Meeting? Technical support does not have access lớn meeting passwords và cannot provide any password assistance or resend meeting invitations.


See below for possible causes:

The password was typed incorrectly.An incorrect password was sent to lớn you by the host.You have invalid data in your website browser cache.There is a technical issue that is interfering with your access to the meeting. (Note: it is unlikely that a server-side technical issue will cause an error like this specific one. It is best to kiểm tra the more common causes above before exploring technical issues.)Solution:

To resolve meeting password issues:

Join from the invitation email linkThis will often auto-fill the meeting password for you.Automated email notifications often contain the exact password passed through by the when the meeting was created.If you don"t have an invitation email or have lost it, try having the host invite you again from within the meeting.For, see: Clear the cache in your website browserThen close all browser windows & try again.For, see:If you are manually entering the password:Enter the password EXACTLY as shown in your e-mail invitation. The password may include periods or special characters at the beginning or end.Check the Caps Lock & Num Lock keys on your keyboard. Passwords are case-sensitive và these settings will alter the passwords you are entering.Be sure that you are not typing in an "I" or an "L" instead of a number "1". Depending on the fonts in the notification email, these characters may all look alike but the súc tích behind each character is very different.This will cause errors in your password entry.If you are unsure, copy and paste the password from the invitation email.

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If you copy và paste the password from the invitation email:

Make sure you select the entire password & do not select any extra characters or spaces.You can copy và paste into Notepad khổng lồ verify you have the correct text.

If none of the above works:

Contact the meeting host for the password.Note: The host may have changed the password or altered the meeting without sending you an update notification. After you have completed your troubleshooting steps, tương tác the meeting host.