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1. The hacker(arrest) .......yesterday but he (deny)......(spread)....that virus on the internet. 2.We (advise)....(use).... Anti-virus programs (avoid)...(catch)..... Dangerous computer viruses accidentally through the internet. 3.Annie (wander).....on the street when she (see).....Jessie. She (remind)..... Him (buy)..... Some coffee before he (get)....home. 4.(you, work).....too hard? I’d rather you (spend).....more time (relax)...... 5. Internet increasingly (develop)....and (become).....part of our everyday life. 6. Some modern media like radio, TV or the mạng internet should (use)...... More widely for (teach).....and (learn).....languages. E đang phải gấp. Mọi fan giúp e vs ạkkkkkkkkk

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Read the passage & mark the letter A , B , C or D lớn answer the questions from 1 - 7


Diseases are a natural part of life on earth . If there were no diseases , the population would grow too quickly , & there would not be enough food or other resources , so in a way , diseases are natural ways of keeping the Earth in balance . But sometimes they spread very quickly and kill large numbers of people . For example , in 1918 , an outbreak of the flu spread across the world , killing over 25 million people in only six months . Such terrible outbreaks of a diseases are called pandemics

Pandemics happen when a disease changes in a way that our bodies are not prepared to lớn fight . In 1918 , a new type of flu virus appeared . Our bodies had no way to fight this new flu virut , and so it spread very quickly và killed large numbers of people . While there have been many different pandemic diseases throughout history , all of them have a new thing in common . First , all pandemic diseases spread from one person to lớn another very easily .

Second , while they may kill many people , they generally vị not kill people very quickly . A good example of this would be the Marburg virus . The Marburg virut is an extremely infectious disease . In addition , it is deadly . About 70 - 80 % of all people who get the Marburg virus died from the disease . However , the Marburg virus has not become a pandemic because most people die within three days of getting the disease . This means that the virut does not have enough time lớn spread a large number of people . The flu vi khuẩn of 1918 , on the other hand , generally took about a week lớn ten days to lớn kill its victims , so it had more time lớn spread .

While we may never be able to lớn completely stop pandemics , we can make them less common . Doctors carefully monitor new diseases that they fear could become pandemics . For example , in 2002 , & 2003 , doctors carefully watched SARS . Their health warnings may have prevented SARS from becoming a pandemic .

Question 1 : According to paragraph 1 , how are diseases a natural part of life on Earth ?

A. They prevent pandemics B. They help control the population

C. They led the world grow quickly D. They kill too many people

Question 2 : Based on the information in the passage the term " pandemics " can be explained as .............................................

A. Diseases with no cure

B. A deadly kind of flu

C. Diseases that spread quickly & kill large numbers of people

D. New disease like SARS or the Marburg virus

Question 3 : According lớn the passage , all of the following are true of the 1918 flu pandemic EXCEPT that ...............................................

A. It involved a new kind of flu vi khuẩn B. It killed over 25 million people

C. It was the last pandemic in history D. It took a little over a week to kill ít victims

Question 4 : The word " it " in the passage refers to .......................

A. Disease B. Flu vi khuẩn C. Pandemics D. Bodies

Question 5 : Which of the following is mentioned as a common feature of all pandemic diseases ?

A. They spread from people to lớn people very quickly

B. It kill many people very quickly

C. They bởi vì not kill people very quickly

D. They kill all the victims

Question 6 : The word " monitor " in the passage is closest is meaning to ........................