Be Quiet! released quite a lot of impressive CPU Coolers. Their biggest & supposedly best is the Dual Tower, Dual Fan, Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4! Let's see how it competes with the competition!




What's in the Box?



Be Quiet!'s Dark Rock Pro 4 comes in the usual Be Quiet! dark-colored packaging.

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Once everything is taken out of the box, we're greeted with the following items:

Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4Be Quiet! Silent Wing 3 PWM 135mmBe Quiet! Silent Wing 3 PWM 120mmIntel Installation HardwareAMD Installation HardwareThermal PasteManual in several languagesAdditional fan hâm mộ Clips for a third fan2-1 PWM Splitter

Additionally to lớn the mandatory cooler-related pieces, Be Quiet! also includes a long Be Quiet! branded Philips-head screwdriver. It can easily be missed because it's pressed into the backside of one of the styrofoam panels keeping everything organized. Even though the installation can be done with every other normal screwdriver, make sure not to miss it as its length surely helps during the installation process.


The side of the cooler includes a short spec sheet which we summarized down below:


NameBe Quiet! Dark Rock 4
Dimension146x136x163mm (LxWxH)
Fan NameBe Quiet! Silent Wing 3
Fan Speed1500RPM / 1200RPM
Fan Size135mm / 120mm
TDPUp to lớn 250W 



The Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 is compatible with every nowadays still relevant socket. Down below you'll find the complete list:

LGA 1200AM4
LGA 1156AM3+
LGA 1155AM3
LGA 1151AM2+
LGA 1150AM2
LGA 1366FM2+
LGA 2011-3FM2
LGA 2066FM1

Individual Components




Responsible for heat dissipation, Be Quiet! made use of their own in-house produced Silent Wings 3 Fans.

In between the two heatsink towers, we have a 135mm Be Quiet! Silent Wing 3. On the Right Side, we are meant lớn install the 120mm Be Quiet! Silent Wing 3 Fan.

Unfortunately, there is not much known about both fans other than the 135mm tín đồ is spinning at 1200RPM and the 120mm at 1500RPM. 

Both fans are powered using a PWM connection and can be connected lớn the same PWM header on a motherboard using the included PWM splitter.




The Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4's heart is its 163mm high đen ceramic coated Dual Tower heatsink. With 7 6mm thick copper heat pipes, the Dark Rock pro should be able khổng lồ transport up to lớn 250 Watts TDP to the Fans.

The đứng đầu of the heatsink is covered with a (not really) nonremovable top plate. Even though the top plate features 4x Torx Screws which are allowing you to lớn remove the đứng đầu plate, we are not advising you to vị so as the đứng đầu fins and some of the heat pipes are hard-glued/permanently connected khổng lồ the đứng top plate. Removing it might result in bending some of the fins (happened to us).


Installing a Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 is fairly similar lớn any other Be Quiet! cooler. Be Quiet! re-used their central bridge approach. Unfortunately, this also re-created a fiddly experience.





On an AMD platform Motherboard, we first need lớn remove the pre-installed black retention brackets.

After positioning the đen spacers (with the more open side down) we can place the AMD retention brackets on top & screw them down.


Please make sure that the central piece of the retention brackets is pointing towards the CPU.




After applying some thermal paste, we can position the central mounting bridge on top of the Heatsink Base while making sure it sits flush.

Once the cooler is installed on the CPU while making sure that the holes in the bridge align with the holes on the retention brackets, we can screw it down.




In order to vì so, we need khổng lồ remove 2 of the Thumbscrews on the top plate of the Cooler and show the long Be Quiet! Screwdriver through them.



While using an hãng sản xuất intel Plattform Motherboard, the installation requires a few additional steps.




For the boards without a pre-installed backplate, we need to lớn use the one provided by Be Quiet! & position the silver hãng sản xuất intel screws in the holes of the backplate meant for the Socket in use while fixing them with one of the rubber o-rings provided in the hãng intel mounting bag.

Once the backplate is in position, we can screw in the spacers from the other side with the cross-Philips indentation pointing upwards.




For the boards with a pre-installed backplate, we can simply screw in the provided hãng intel Backplate screws.


Now we can install the retention brackets on top & screw them down.

Please make sure that retention brackets are screwed in while being in an out-ways pointing orientation.

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After applying some thermal paste, we can position the central mounting bridge on đứng top of the Heatsink Base while making sure it sits flush.

Once the cooler is installed on the CPU while making sure that the holes in the bridge align with the holes on the retention brackets, we can screw it down.

In order to vì so, we need to lớn remove 2 of the Thumbscrews on the top plate of the Cooler và show the long Be Quiet! Screwdriver through them.




After having installed the cooler on the CPU, it's time khổng lồ mount the fan. Unfortunately, installing & removing the fan does not seem to be the most enjoyable experience we've had so far.

After positioning the 120mm tín đồ on the Heatsink side with the rubber pads, we have lớn position the clips in the Fan-Screw holes và press the đoạn phim into the heatsink while pressing on the sides. 

Even though this might seem like a fairly easy process, removing the fan hâm mộ ends up being slightly more complicated. While others might recommend alternative ways such as fiddling something through the heatsink in order lớn remove the clip, we found it to be easiest to lớn press on the fan (while holding onto the heatsink, you don't want to lớn rip it off the motherboard) và remove the fan-clip-hook out of fan hole. This way you don't risk damaging the heatsink's coating.


The exact same procedure has khổng lồ be executed for the central 135mm fan, just a bit harder. On the Dark Rock Pro 4, we need lớn slide the central tín đồ from the side. Afterward, we need khổng lồ try khổng lồ somehow fiddle the fan clips into the fan holes.

Overall, installing the central fan hâm mộ is one of the most fiddling experiences we've had so far, which becomes even harder when trying khổng lồ remove the fan.



We tested the Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 on our usual Ryzen 3900x locked at 4.36 GHZ & 1.4vCore.


While letting the Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4's Silent wing spin at 100% of its tín đồ speed, it managed to lớn keep the CPU at 53°C.

Being only 2°C behind the Arctic Freezer 50, we immediately noticed that their noise difference is much bigger.




While lowering the fan hâm mộ speed in 10% decrements, the Dark Rock Pro 4 managed to lớn keep its strong position across the whole spectrum.




While looking at our Noise-normalized graph, we can see that when compared khổng lồ its noise, there is no cooler that can keep the CPU cool as quiet as a Be Quiet!. The only moment at which the Dark Rock Pro 4 is outperformed is by the NH-D15 while keeping the CPU at 53°C. As soon as the target temperature is raised to lớn 54°C, the Dark Rock Pro 4 jumps to the first (or last depending on how you see it) place and keeps it until the very end.






When it comes lớn performance, the Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 is an absolute beast. It might not be the absolute best in terms of raw cooling power, but as soon as noise is involved, it takes the lead và doesn't seem lớn back off at any moment.


But not everything that shines is gold. Although the Noise, Performance, and Price are very good, the installation procedure can be described "fiddly"- at best. Using the central mounting bridge turns out to lớn be only easy as long as the motherboard is outside a case and lying flat on a table. The usage of fan hâm mộ clips without anything to hold onto might not be the biggest issue while installing the fans, though removing them becomes quite a challenge.

Our biggest issue with the Dark Rock Pro 4 however, is the permanently attached đứng top plate.

In our opinion, the vị trí cao nhất plate should definitely be changed to lớn be removable using the same thumb screws as the two mounting holes. As of right now, installing the central tín đồ requires you khổng lồ slide the fan hâm mộ in from the side, which can be an impossible challenge if you are installing the cooler inside a case, lượt thích while performing a simple upgrade.




But as irritating as these little installation hick-ups might be, once the cooler is installed, it is a beast of a performer while also being in-auditable, even at full blast moments.

Due to it's incredible performance, we can absolutely recommend this Cooler for everybody who is looking forward lớn incredible hot overclocking experiences.


If however, you are planning to lớn use your system for "normal" use-cases only (Gaming, Office Work), we would suggest taking a look at the Be Quiet! Dark Rock 4. Even if it operates with only a single Fan, its performance & noise are extremely close lớn a Dark Rock Pro 4 while being easier to install và slightly more affordable.